Feed your head

What if I told you that there is more to what you can see? That those tales of having a third eye are not lies, that we have a part of our brain that remains subconscious albeit nor dormant. What if I told you that you can feed your mind, your brain, your head. That there are no mental barriers other than those you propose yourself.

Open up your mind and go through what you have gone through. Simpler said than done? I agree, but this way you can put into perspective all the events that have led to whoever it is that makes you. You have your physical traits such as your body shape (athletic, lanky, overweight etc), hair (IE hairstyles) and eye color, and then you have your character or personality traits. Dont believe me? Do this:

  • Schedule an appointment tomorrow for your barber and get your head buzzed.
  • Go to the nearest army recruiting center and enlist yourself to go to military boot camp, with your hair all buzzed off already, signifying your real intent to enlist.
  • Start adapting to a military lifestyle in your own home until you receive the call to join military boot camp. It takes about 4 weeks to receive the call, so you have enough to time to prepare and even continue to buzz your hair if need be.
  • The day before enrolling military boot camp, go out and score three ounces of mushrooms, you know the ones that make you see all kind of stuff.

You have achieved ego death, in less than 24 hours you will be joining military bootcamp, with your head buzzed and your brain ready to become a killing machine. In 4-6 months you will be sent to Iraq or Afghanistan and statistics say that there is a 5% you will return home missing a limb.

You have reached ego death, are scared to pieces of what’s coming tomorrow. Suddenly, you start valuing life, you see that we all have a purpose and that putting yourself in the line of death, of physical death, after having killed your ego is utter nonsense.

Call the recruiting officer and tell him you have discovered life; politely reject your recruitment to the military.

Leave your house and go to the top of the nearest mountain, then take a big breath of air.

Right there and then, you will then have fed your mind, my friend. And I tell you this because this is exactly what I did.

This is all I have ti say…for NOW